How We Like To Work

Mackie and Co has established a number of core principles covering how we like to work with all our clients. These are outlined below.

  1. Ensure availability and continuity of advice to clients in a cost effective manner
  2. Identify and respect the needs of all clients whether they be legal, emotional or financial
  3. Be transparent about costs and, where possible, provide a written indication of costs in advance
  4. Be respectful to clients, other members of the legal profession and those we interact with
  5. Understand that other professionals require the same level of courtesy that we expect from them
  6. Return all phone calls and emails in a timely fashion
  7. Continue our legal education thereby ensuring that the provision of advice to our clients is up-to-date and relevant
  8. Be open to client’s concerns and, where relevant, complaints and deal with the same with respect and dignity
  9. Avoid conflicts of interest and promote the interests of clients including the decision to no longer operate a nominee lending facility
  10. Communicate with clients in plain English
  11. Continue to develop relationships with other likeminded professionals with a view to providing a directory of other service providers to my client base
  12. Maintain integrity including, but not restricted to, refusing any “kick-backs” or incentives for referrals or recommendations
  13. Keep pace with developments in information technology thereby increasing availability and access to clients
  14. Remain committed to our core values of providing good faith negotiations, the importance of family and the focus on avoiding litigation where necessary

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